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Search for any state policy data here. The energy storage policy landscape in the U.S. continues to evolve, both at the federal level and within state regulatory proceedings. Sandia National Labs monitors and analyzes relevant policymaking activities specific to energy storage at the federal and state levels and publishes unique content that is offered to the public via the Global Energy Storage Database. Available within the GESDB are state profiles providing summaries of energy storage policies, legislation and regulatory rules; data regarding energy storage project deployments; and “Issue Briefs” (short, analytical papers on significant policy topics). The GESDB strives to provide current and timely information on energy storage policymaking and thus new content is continually added to the site.

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FERC Orders

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Issue Briefs

January 2021 Issue Brief — Long Duration Energy Storage
November 2020 Issue Brief — Energy Storage To Replace Peaker Plants
October 2020 Issue Brief — State Level Incentives for BTM Storage
September 2020 Issue Brief — Energy Storage and Resource Adequacy

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